Concept - Casual Dining
Southeast US
5 Units
Family owned and operated since 1999, our Restaurant has been instrumental in introducing a true Japanese dining experience to metro Atlanta. Our restaurant is not only about our flavorful, freshly cooked foods, but also, the experience & entertainment. our Restaurant commits to our motto, “Finding food fun again and again,” and thrives on creating a new way to present the best ingredients. We devote ourselves to ever improving our skills & service and serving quality Japanese cuisine you can’t find elsewhere.
Sales: $11,875,664
EBITDA: $1,344,101

Business Value: $8,064,605
Real Estate Value: $13,572,187
Combined Value: $21,636,793

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Concept - Casual Dining
Southeast US
4 Units
Our services offer a fine revival dining in a high energy atmosphere featuring belly dancing, plate breaking, napkin throwing, zorba dancing and live music; all this to recreate the ancient culture of the Greeks delivered to you at a dining experience like no other.
Sales: $8,666,778
EBITDA: $1,141,662

Business Value: $6,849,972
Combined Value: $6,849,972

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Concept - Fast Casual
Southeast US
3 Units
What makes us different? Air-baking instead of deep frying! 60% less fat & calories (100% full of flavor). Enjoy the foods you love – less grease, less guilt. Made naturally with quality, organic, & fair trade ingredients. We’re proud to be an Earth Charter winner and industry recognized leader in green business practices. We offset 50% of our stores energy usage with renewable wind energy. Our stores are built with: environmentally friendly recycled wood panels made of pressed sorghum plant stalks; eco-friendly adhesives; zero VOC paints; and eco-friendly flooring and building materials.
Sales: $2,888,097
EBITDA: $406,678

Business Value: $2,440,068
Combined Value: $2,440,068

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Franchisee - Fast Casual
Southeast US
6 Units
From the second you walk into a Moe's, you'll notice there's something different. You actually feel welcomed. Ever since our employees at the first location in Atlanta, GA in the year 2000 shouted "Welcome to Moe's!" – which probably scared the bejesus out of those first guests – that phrase has embodied our entire culture. Everybody is welcome at Moe's.
Sales: $4,801,886
EBITDA: $417,075

Business Value: $2,085,375
Combined Value: $2,085,375

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Concept - Casual Dining
Western US
4 Units
Since 1978 this concept has successfully introduced award-winning gourmet hamburgers. Two units are fee simple and can be purchased (not included in package). Three Units operating under Concept Name are not for sale, however, buyer will be able to collect royalties.
Sales: $7,745,321
EBITDA: $1,432,202

Business Value: $9,309,313
Combined Value: $9,309,313

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Franchisee - Fast Casual
North Central US
2 Units
Make no mistake, it's all about the tortilla. Each one is made and pressed fresh on the spot. No two are the same. Like snowflakes, only prettier, tastier, and much better suited for bundling up beans and salsa.
Sales: $1,528,672
EBITDA: $77,844

Business Value: $350,298
Combined Value: $350,298

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Franchisor - Casual Dining

19 Units
Over 30 years ago, our founders, set out to create a Bar-B-Q restaurant where the meat melted in your mouth, the cole slaw was so fresh you'd think it was mixed at your table, and the authentic Bar-B-Q flavored beans were the best you'd ever had. So with their passion for Bar-B-Q and a dog-eared collection of homemade recipes, they went on to create a dining experience in the tradition of the South's great hometown Bar-B-Q shacks. It's the kind of Bar-B-Q you and your family can call, well, your Bar-B-Q. Whether you're sitting down to a rack of our meat-fallin-off-the-bone Signature Baby Back Ribs, or settlin' in to tackle a slab of our original spare ribs, you'll find that our Restaurant couldn't be any further from the big-chain restaurants. Every Restaurant is special with its own hometown atmosphere and every Restaurant serves up only the highest quality. We use the finest cuts of pork and beef and the freshest vegetables. And everything we serve is our Restaurant's original, from our secret recipe Bar-B-Q sauces and freshly-prepared side dishes right down to our famous, juicy and tender, slow-smoked Bar-B-Q dinners.
Sales: $616,606
EBITDA: -$91,543

Franchising Company Value: $4,224,140
Co.-Owned Units Value: -$343,286
Combined Value: $3,880,853

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