Taz Rehman

Taz Rehman

(404) 216-1780 | trehman@restsearch.com

Born in Lancashire, England at a time when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, Taz graduated at the University of Westminster in Business Information Systems and having made the move across the Atlantic in 2013 to live in Atlanta, is now back in London, UK.

After graduating in London, Taz started his professional career at one of the largest multinational telecommunications company in the world, British Telecom, as part of the Technical Support team for corporate clients.

From there on, Taz worked in the Operations field for the medical supply industry with the National Health Service. Fluent in both Pashto and Farsi (as well as English thankfully), Taz was contracted as a Language Analyst to aid the NHS and UK Border Patrol.

As an Business Analyst & Consultant, Taz has worked with several local businesses in the UK and the US to enter the online market and reach its customers through the magic of the internet.

Taz could have made it as professional soccer player, having interest for trials for several soccer clubs in England during his teenage years and still likes to play occasionally and keep fit.

Taz joined National Restaurant Brokers in 2014 and is now part of the team.

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