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Dejan S. Vojnovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. His parents moved to the United States where he spent his childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated in the top 10% of his high school class with High Honors, and he earned his way to college by working in steel mills in the summer.

Dejan attended the London School of Economics through the Institute of European Studies during his junior year of college, and graduated with honors and his A.B. degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University in 1977. He majored in Economics and Government and minored in Law and Society, a rigorous pre-law program.

He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Cornell Daily Sun, and enjoyed campus-wide recognition through his humorous Op-Ed column, "A Jest's Best." At 6'4" he rowed Ivy League heavyweight crew, and was and continues to be an active member of Chi Psi fraternity.

Dejan came to Atlanta in 1977, where he attended John Marshall and Emory Law Schools. He began his law practice as a sole practitioner, the only member of his entering class of 300 at Emory to start a solo practice right out of law school. He developed a successful practice over the next 6 years, managing more than 1,500 matters of litigation for over 600 clients and small businesses. During that time, however, he considered a career change that would offer him greater personal satisfaction.

In 1987, utilizing his strong and diverse background in law, real estate, business, and restaurants, he founded National Restaurant Brokers. NRB's purpose is to professionally and confidentially represent buyers and sellers of multi-unit and independent restaurant operations. The company also consults on mergers and acquisitions, handles the disposition of excess properties, and facilitates financing of restaurant transactions.

During the ensuing years, Dejan created a customized database information system while earning a solid reputation in the restaurant industry as a brokerage consultant. Now, through the intensive use of NRB's proprietary database, specialized direct-mail, toll-free number, interactive website, and other unique marketing methods, NRB and its brokerage network have become the fastest and most effective way to market those operations which have the highest sales, profit, and growth potential.

His focus on restaurant brokerage at the local, regional, and national levels has led to dramatic commissions increases and sales accomplishments, and has earned both himself and his company the respect and admiration of his peers and clients alike.

His claim to fame was his highly touted and much anticipated appearance on the "Wheel of Fortune" in September 1994. In those days he was on a first-name basis with Pat and Vanna – feel free to ask how he did. For tragedy, in November 1995, he escaped from his burning home in the middle of the night with only his pajamas and humor intact.

Dejan's professionalism and commitment to his client's needs is well-documented and amply demonstrated. He is a charismatic, articulate, and knowledgeable executive well-respected by his staff. His unique and highly specialized educational background, professional knowledge, business experience, creativity, and overall capability is well-noted. He understands and speaks restaurant language fluently from all operations, real estate, and business perspectives.

Dejan sees the big picture, and understands the reality of how the industry works. All of these abilities, plus his commercial real estate and legal background and skills, have enabled him to deal exceptionally well for his clients in this true specialty of restaurant business and investment brokerage. He knows from experience how hard it is to get deals done. He gets his deals done quietly, confidently, quickly. Dejan looks forward to working with you.


National Restaurant Association
International Council of Shopping Centers
International Business Brokers Association
Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Restaurant Council of Atlanta
Cornell Alumni Association
American Bentley Automotive Association
Maserati Club International
Mensa Society

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