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If you are a seller or lessor we begin marketing your company, or selling or leasing your property, with a careful search through our database for appropriate buyers and lessees who have contacted us. By systematically applying your specific parameters to our database, we can effectively match your need with qualified buyers and lessees. All buyers who we deal with on your behalf are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the availability of your operating business, and they are required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement before we provide them with any information. We methodically screen all buyers and lessees, and attempt to present only qualified and focused prospects to you for consideration. We pay all marketing expenses associated with our interactive website, toll-free number, direct mail, Availability Report, brochures, postcards, computer programming, mainframe and database maintenance, and the operation of our professional brokerage network. This is included for your review in the commission schedule below.

If you are a buyer or lessee we begin by asking you the right questions to learn your specific requirements, so we can match your needs with precise information from our exclusive and confidential database of thousands of available restaurants, both open and closed. We insist that you pledge to keep all information we give you confidential. We have created the most comprehensive database of its kind of everything that is available, and our research department continually collects, updates, and analyzes new information about all availabilities in the national restaurant market.

If you seek financing to purchase or develop a restaurant, we can prequalify you and then provide an introduction to one of our nationwide lending sources in the specialized restaurant financing industry.


If you are a buyer or lessee then our professional services in assisting you are usually free, since we are compensated by sellers and lessors. If you are a seller or lessor then we offer you the commission schedule below.

If you have any questions about any of the various services that we offer, please feel free to contact the owner of our company, Dejan Vojnovic, anytime.

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